Tutorial Kuadd Corp

I n s t a l l

Install the app. We don't sell on App Store or Google Play.If you want to get this application, please contact us.
When you install it, you will be asked for some permission.For example GPS, sound, camera and etc.Please permit them if you don't mind.
By the way, we never get the personally identifiable information like a telephone directory.
You need not have any anxiety.

S t a r t u p

Startup the app. Click the icon on your mobile device.
Time for the start processing of the app will depends on your device.
In addition, if your device doesn't satisfy required specification, the app will not start up.We kindly ask for your understanding.

C h o o s e t h e l a n g u a g e

Choose the language of subtitles. All of the sound(speech) is Japanese language.But you can change the language of subtitles.Please change them if you want.
If you didn't choose anything, Japanese subtitles will be displayed

When you change the choosed language, close the app and startup again.

T r a i n t h e c a m e r a

Follow the guide and train your camera. Please match the position of guidelines (red line) on your device with scenery.
Your device automaticaly measures the distance from the buildings or the other scenery.
And then...  

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