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It was in 1170 approximately. A ferocious monk named Musashibo Benkei was blessed with strong big constitution since childhood. His dearest wish was to get in fights one thousand swords in the capital, Kyoto.
Benkei was walking down the road, attacking the warriors who were passing by and soon collected 999 swords. When he was walking for the last sword, a young man was passing by, playing a flute, coming across the Gojo Bridge. It was a young noble son of Minamoto clan, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, whose child name was Ushiwakamaru.
Ushiwakamaru was holding a magnificent sword. Benkei showed great interest, told him to give him the sword, then started to fight but...

Address: Sujakucho Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto Prefecture


In year 1184 Taira clan (Heike) stayed in Fukuhara, Settsu province (Hyogo prefecture) and suffered crushing defeat by Minamoto clan (Genji) in the battle of Ichinotani. After that Taira fled and crossed the Seto Inland Sea by ship and set in Yashima (Kagawa prefecture). Although Taira possessed strong navy, Genji did not, so the truce continued.
In the following year allies of Kumano navy supported Yoshitsune, and Yoshitsune attacked Yashima, so a violent maritime battle broke out. As the truce condition resulted in the evening, a beautiful woman on a boat appeared from the Heike. She was holding a fan on a pole, and it challenged Taira to take an arrow. So Yoshitsune searched a person to shoot the fan down and prove skills.Thereupon Hatakeyama Shigetada recommended one young warrior. His name was Nasu no Yoichi Munetaka...

Address: Mure beach Murecho, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa Prefecture


In 1560 Oda clan of Owari (Aichi prefecture) reached a critical moment.
Daimyo Imagawa Yoshimoto of Sunpu (Shizuoka prefecture) wanted to capture Owari and went to the west along Tokaido, leading a big army of 25,000 men. Because the army of Imagawa was reaching the Kutsukake castle, and Oda people had only one-tenth amount of Imagawa's army, Oda's war council was called to decide, if they are going to stay in Kiyosu castle and be besieged, or if they should go out and accept the battle.
On the 12th of June the situation had become critical. Imagawa people attacked Marune fortress and Washizu fortress and left a notification for the head of the clan, Oda Nobunaga. After Nobunaga heard the notification, at 4 AM at dawn he performed the Kowakamai dance "Atsumori", and then rushed out with only five horsemen...

Address: 1-1-1, Jingu Atsuta-ward, Nagoya-city, Aichi Prefecture


There was no end to his ambition.Nobunaga was aiming to unify the whole country under 'Nobunaga ODA's unification of Japan policy'.So far,he killed so many Buddhist monks.And he was called the Satan. Someone should stop him.People were thinking.
June/2/1582, there were thousands flags of Akechi people around Honno-ji temple where Nobunaga stayed.
On this day, Nobunaga became a legend of Japanese history...

Address: Shimohonnojimae-cho Nakagyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto Prefecture


Sasaki Kojiro was the only person who mastered a secret sword technique named Tsubamegaeshi. On the land near Kokura castle (Fukuoka prefecture) of Hosokawa clan he opened an exercise hall where taught this technique, in this way he became famous.
His opponent was Miyamoto Musashi who created the technique of two swords. He was a swordsman who fought in more than 60 duels and has not been defeated.
In the beginning of 1600s a duel between the both men took place in Funashima (Yamaguchi prefecture), on the territory of Buzen Kokura clan. The details are not clear. There is a theory that Kokura clan intended to kill Kojiro pretending it was a simple duel. Now the history will be revealed...

Address: Funashima Hikojima, Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi Prefecture


About 5 years passed since the landing of foreign ships in 1853. The chief minister of Edo shogunate, Ii Naosuke, signed quite unequal treaties with the United States, among them Treaty of Amity and Commerce, without permission of Imperial Court. The majority of people turned out to have a dissenting opinion, so Edo shogunate started to suppress these people thoroughly. In the society these mass arrests got the name Ansei Purge.
On March 3, 1860 at 9 AM, during the execution of more than 100 people, the red gate of Hikone residence of daimyo’s mansion opened slowly. Ii Naosuke came out in a palanquin, accompanied by 60 vassals, there were 327-436 meters to the Sakuradamon of Edo castle. Suddenly snow began falling unexpectedly from the sky...

Address: 2-1-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo


Whether to open the country to the world or sweep them, Japanese people’s opinions were devided after foreign ships had come.
Matabei KIJIMA, Genzui KUSAKA and many other Choshu(Yamaguchi) people tried to take The emperor away and jockey for power.
Capital guardian Aizu(Fukushima) people intercepted them, although their side became inferior in power...

Address: Hamaguri gomon Kyoto-city, Kyoto Prefecture

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