Company Kuadd Corp

C o m p a n y P r o f i l e

Name Kuadd Corporation
Establishment Oct. 30, 2014
Business Developing and selling application softwares.
Address 1-4-6 Higashinakajima Gifu-city Gifu Pref. JAPAN
A c c e s s 【Train】Meitetsugifu Sta. → Tejikara Sta.
【Car】Kakamigahara I.C


M e s s a g e

Sightseeing becomes much more interesting.

With this smartphone app (application software) you can enjoy the presentation of historical events at the place where they occured. The app uses a technique of Augmented reality, identifies the place by GPS (Global Positioning System), automatically measures surrounding terrain, size of a building and distance.

On the screen of your smartphone you can see persons and characters that actually do not exist, for example, historical figures. The background is a real scenery, the characters were created by 3DCG (three-dimensional computer graphics).
In addition, you can hear the characters’ speech and sound effects, it makes the animation moreover, subtitles in multiple languages are available, so not only Japanese, but also tourists from abroad can enjoy historical events and deepen their knowledge.

Our aim is to conduct a thorough historical accuracy, so the sightseeing becomes much more interesting.
We will be glad to receive your support or order, especially from local governments in each region, local shopping districts and travel agencies.

This application was applied for a patent. The name “Time A Scene” is a registered trademark.

※Patent 2014−119058
※Trademark 2014-45633

Executive Producer Keiichiro YOSHIDA

C E O ' s b a c k g r o u n d

MBA 2010 Keio University

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